Bodily Mind

Bodily Mind is a community to promote healthy lifestyle. We will be providing a variety of types of workshops including yoga, healthy cooking, and ayurvada


As all of us are aware, body and mind co-exist throughout our entire lives. We strongly believe that a healthy mind can be achieved when it is housed in a healthy body.

Our philosophy is to provide workshops and lessons to let you open your inner eyes and consciousness to connect your mind to your body. We are starting with Chethan's yoga workshops, which you will find quite different from the regular yoga workshops you see nowadays. He will navigate you to your core self to bring the best out of you.

Our initiatives include:

  • YOGA workshops and group sessions
  • Ayurvada classes and cooking
  • more...


「よいものは共有」の精神に基づき、Bodily Mind 初のオリジナル商品を作成いたしました。アーユルヴェーダの三大果実のひとつであるアムラの果汁を噴霧乾燥という方法でパウダー化したものです。果汁100%、添加物なし。アムラ本来の成分がほぼそのまま凝縮されたパウダーです。色はきれいな乳白色。市販に多々出回っている茶色いパウダーとは異なります。詳細はこちらをご覧ください。


Chethan's Yoga

Chethan's yoga, which is authentic but unique, will teach you to open up your consciousness to understand your body so that you can benefit to the maximum extent from yoga practice.

Rapidly improves the student's agility, bringing quick benefits. Improves posture throughout the day, relieving aches, pains, tension and even debilitating restrictions on movement.

  • Learn to work with your body, be responsive to the signals of your body in the present
  • Learn yoga postures (asanas) selected and developed to meet your specific condition; props may be used when needed to help you increase agility without injury
  • Learn and practice asanas at your own pace and within your own range is the most effective way to realize the fullest benefits of yoga

Strength, endurance, and range of motion are developed incrementally and gradually, not by force. Chethan will guide you through verbal instruction, demonstration and hands-on direction to explore yoga in a way that is practical and beneficial for you. Through this incremental and supportive methodology, Chethan's students have benefited widely:

  • Getting rid of constant aches which often arise from insufficiency in specific muscles or joints
  • Recovery from back pains, slip disk and sciatica
  • Overcoming stress, issues of heart and circulation, respiratory system, digestive system
  • Regain strength, flexibility, stamina and range of movement after injuries to muscle, bones and joints