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We are located in the heart of Bangalore, Karnataka in southern India. We were established in April, 2012.

Gondavana (or Gondwana) is the name of the supercontinent that fractured 150 million years ago into pieces including Australia and India, in the process forming the Western Ghat range of mountains lying to Bangalore's west, newly designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. It also refers to a proud kingdom in the heart of India.


Gondavana was co-founded by Sakiko Kimura and Bob Myers, two globe-trotting executives with rich experience in international communication and management.

Sakiko Kimura, Managing Director


Sakiko is a seasoned executive with rich experience managing complex mixes of cultures, domains, and technologies. Her business experience as a global business and product manager spans industries from education to consulting to online advertisement with with mid-to-large size companies, including Yahoo! and Ask Jeeves; in geographies ranging from Japan and other East Asian countries to North America, Europe, and India. At Yahoo! as Director of Busienss/Product Management, Sakiko singlehandedly rallied the troops to manage a very complex product deployment to 21 markets simultaneously. After leaving Yahoo!, she has consulted with a numbre of companies to introduce business optimization, project management proccesses, and operational excellence. Six Sigma Green Belt. She also has experience teaching three Japanese courses in Allegheny College in the US. BA in Mathematics. She also holds SRDM from Stanford University, and recently graduated from executive management program at IIMB.
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Bob Myers, Managing Director


Bob is a world-class technologist with deep experience architecting complex computing applications. He is a specialist in internationalization and localization of computer software, having founded a leading Japanese localizer and later managing a 500-person unit at Bowne Global Solutions, at that time the largest technology globalization company in the world. He has participated in challenging application development projects in fields ranging from knowledge management to retail. His particular focus at the moment is designing and building modern front-ends for large applications such as e-learning. He holds two patents on computer-based reading systems. He studied PhD coursework at University of Tokyo.
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